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Pair devices to hydna via sound waves
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Hydna Tech Demo

This is a tech demo brought to you by

It demonstrates how to connect pair two devices over near ultra sonic sound
waves. The two devices then connects to a mutual Hydna channel and start to
transmit data.

In order to run this demo:

    * Navigate your cell phone to
    * Check that your ear phones are unplugged and that the silencer is off.
    * Start listening on your computer by pressing the "listen" button below.
    * Touch the screen on your cell phone in order to start to send signals.
    * Put your cell phone close to your computer.

Disclaimer: Please note that this technic is unstable on many devices
(due to hardware and browser vendors). This demo is not intended to be used in
production. It rather demonstrates the possibilities of using ultra sonic sound
as a possible way when pairing.

Firefox has a limitation when dealing with hi frequency sounds. The application
checks if hi frequency sounds can be received before start, so please check that
the volume on the computer is on.
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