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Releases: hydnoracoin/progminer

Hora progpow miner 1 releases

09 Apr 00:12
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HYDNORA miners for new Progpow!!!! NOT ASIC! NOT NICEHASH!
Attention! for windows 7,8,10 run regedit
HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Microsoft/Windows/Windows Error Reporting
The values of the items below the right window
The default value of Disabled, DontShowUI, LoggingDisabled, and DontSendAdditionalData is 0 and can be changed to 1 to save and restart computer!
for more stable change bat file for windows
progminer -P stratum1+tcp://
goto start

HIVE OS not have Progpow ethereum , look manual english
rus manual

if you wanted started wallet and solo mining for windows
download HORA_SOLO_win_relis2.rar and started bat files ( newaccount.bat - add new wallet and later HORA.bat) (or change key from folder data/keystore on the you key)
sample solo mining on the wallet without pool (tt-miner not working for solo)
progminer -P http://0xadress.rig1@
for linux
you must change geth file and started commands
./geth --datadir ./data init ./genesis.json
./geth -datadir ./data/ --mine --rpc --rpcaddr "" --rpcport "8504" --networkid 19783111 --syncmode 'full' console