Cicada is two things: first, it's an app manager for helping choose which Android apps are showing on your MetaWatch at any given time. Second, it's a programming framework that (hopefully) makes it a lot easier to make apps that can interact with the MetaWatch while playing nice with each other.
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Cicada is an application and widget shell for Android applications on the
MetaWatch bluetooth watch.  It provides a simple menu for switching
between different Cicada-compatible Android apps, and it also has a widget
system that divides the watch screen into thirds, with each third being
updated by an independent Android app.

Cicada can communicate with the device directly, or via MetaWatch manager.

The Cicada project also includes many sample applications that developers
can use as a starting point for their own Cicada-compatible apps; they're
located under the samples directory.

Cicada is released under the Apache 2.0 license.

Cicada was created by Joe Hughes (, but source contributions
are most welcome!