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HydraBus_1_0_Rev1_1 Update Mar 27, 2017
HydraBus_1_0_Rev1_2 Update Mar 27, 2017
HydraBus_1_0_Rev1_2plus Update Mar 27, 2017
HydraBus_1_0_Rev1_3 Fix typo Feb 28, 2019
HydraBus_1_0_Shield_Template_Rev0 Update Apr 22, 2016
HydraBus_1_0_HydraFW_Basic_PinAssignment.odg Added HydraBus Basic Pin Assignment Dec 1, 2014
HydraBus_1_0_HydraFW_Default_PinAssignment_A4.odg Removed GND/VCC arrows Dec 29, 2018
HydraBus_1_0_pins.ods HydraBus V1.0 Rev1.2+ Dec 6, 2016
HydraBus_1_0_pins.pdf HydraBus1.0 Pin & Pin Assignment updated. Sep 30, 2014 Update Feb 28, 2019

HydraBus Hardware

This directory contains HydraBus Hardware: Schematic, Board, Template for CadSoft Eagle 6.x (free version works too) Case for HydraBus and documentations Pin Out.

For HydraBus_1_0_Shield_Template_Rev0 under Kicad see


You can buy online HydraBus:

For more details on the hardware see also

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