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HydraBus Schematic and Board CadSoft Eagle 7.x

This directory contains HydraBus Schematic and Board for CadSoft Eagle 7.1 or more (free version works too)

HydraBus: Hardware license CC BY-NC 4.0 (for commercial license contact

For more details on the hardware see also

V1.0 Revision 1.2 (Fully Compatible with Previous Board V1.0 Rev1.1):

  • Labels on both sides of the PCB with GPIO names (PBx, PCx ...).
  • Added R7 10K on PB2, BOOT0 is connected to JMP1-2 for easier BOOT USB DFU.
    • BOOT USB DFU (do not require any wire):
      1. Press UBTN button then Press RESET button
      2. Keep pressing UBTN then Release RESET
      3. Wait 1s then Release UBTN
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