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CHANGELOG of 'hydrafw'

30.09.2018 - HydraFW v0.9 Beta

  • Added trigger mode on all supported modes. See commit a982d6b
  • Added SUMP mode autodetection. Tools like Sigrok and OLS don't need any prior hydrabus setup. See commit ca90ec2
  • Added \xx escape sequence in freeform strings. See commit 3614185
  • Increased the maximum hexdump capacity to 2^32 bytes.
  • Added AVRdude compatibility. See commit2f3aecb
  • Fixed compiler errors and warnings when compiling with gcc 8.x
  • Updated ChibiOS to latest stable_17.6.x branch
  • Updated FatFs to official 0.13b
  • Updated ST drivers to STM32Cube 1.2.1
  • Reorganized the repository structure
HydraBus specific:

13.10.2016 - HydraFW v0.8 Beta

HydraBus specific:
HydraNFC specific:
  • Added command sd (sdcard commands)
  • Added Example for HydraNFC init using Console mode + switch to bbIO mode for SPI2 Init & communication with TRF7970A (HydraNFC shield)
  • Read / Display / Save Mifare Ultra Light tag data (64bytes raw data of the Tag)
  • Emulate Mifare Ultra Light tag (Beta version does not work with phone) (7Bytes UID and 64bytes data support only READ command)
    • emul-mf-ul command add optional filename (same 64bytes raw file previously written to microsd by read-mf-ul)
    • See commit [d569fcd8] 27-May-2016 ( (modified scan command)
    • This feature is a Beta version and will be rewritten using low level mode SDM TX/DM1 RX in order to be hard real-time & ISO compliant, which will also fix the emulation when using a Phone...
  • NFC sniffer improvements and NFC sniffer command cleanup
    • Modified NFC RX Gain Reduction from 10dB to 5dB & use ISO14443A mode
    • The sniffer now use native ISO14443A mode instead of previous hybrid mode ISO14443B/A, those modifications (with NFC RX Gain reduction set to 5dB) give better sniffing sensitivity and bigger range to sniff PICC(NFC Tag) and PCD(NFC Reader) configured using @6.3Mbauds(in reality it is 8.4Mbauds) 8N1 with Putty on Win7)
    • Removed sniff-dbg (replaced by parity & frame-time sub commands)
    • Added following sniff sub commands:
      • trace-uart1 to trace in real-time sniffed data to UART1 PA9 @8.4Mbauds 8N1 (validated with FTDI C232HM-DDHSL-0
      • bin (Force binary sniff trace(UART1 only))
      • parity (Add parity bit information in binary sniff trace(UART1 only))
      • frame-time (Add start/end frame timestamp(in CPU cycles))
    • Moved sniff-raw command to sniff sub command raw

16.04.2016 - HydraFW v0.7 Beta

HydraBus specific:
  • Added freeform string as byte sequence (in addition to freeform integers) (thanks to Baldanos)

  • Added Binary Modes full documentation in wiki

  • Added Binary Modes (USB CDC compatible with BusPirate BBIO/Bitbang) with:

  • CAN (thanks to Baldanos)

    • Corrected filters handling. Now works for both CAN interfaces
    • Fixed bsp_can_rxne()
    • Fixed error in can2 pin description
    • Added speed change for CAN
  • Optimized sump critical part and Lock Kernel during get_samples()

  • JTAG scanner/debugger mode like JTAGulator (thanks to Baldanos)

    • Add support for TRST
    • Add support for MSB/LSB when reading
HydraNFC specific:
  • Added in standalone mode sniffing LED indication #36 LED 2 ON for Standalone mode

  • Fixed IRQ bug (stopped when enter/exit from sniffer or emul mode)

  • Fixed Trf797xInitialSettings with workaround of Errata SLOZ011A–February 2014–Revised April 2015

  • HydraNFC emulation commands are in alpha stage and they will be fixed in next version of HydraFW

    • Added in emul-mifare display of UID parameter when started
    • Added in emul-mifare 4 bytes UID parameter
    • Added emul-mf-ul command for Mifare Ultralight Emulation preliminary/work in progress code
  • Added dm0 command => Direct Mode 0 Sniffer Test work fine mainly for test with a Logic Analyzer on PC2

  • Added dm1 command => Direct Mode 1 Test (Work in Progress to test TX SDM & RX DM1)

29.11.2015 - HydraFW v0.6 Beta

  • Update of tokenline, now both T_ARG_INT and T_ARG_FLOAT take k, m and g suffixes and apply a decimal factor on both argument types. It is always compatible with old syntax khz, mhz, ghz (only first character is checked).
HydraBus specific:
  • Added 2-wire mode (support frequency up to 1MHz) (thanks to Baldanos)
  • Added random command new token ~ (T_TILDE) to write random byte (thanks to Baldanos)
  • Random number generator (using STM32 hardware RNG) see command which returns a 32bit random number in hex (thanks to Baldanos)
  • Added jtag scanner/debugger mode (thanks to Baldanos)
    • Classic JTAG (TDI/TDO/TMS/TCK)
    • Can be used with command line
    • BusPirate-compatible OpenOCD binary mode (openocd command)
    • Can scan a JTAG bus with IDCODE and BYPASS methods (idcode and bypass commands)
    • Can try to find JTAG bus on all GPIOB pins (like JTAGulator) (brute command)
  • Added sump mode, Logic Analyzer up to 1MHz 16chan with SUMP support (thanks to Baldanos)
  • Compatible with ols- see also ols profile for hydrabus
  • Compatible with sigrok: sigrok-cli & PulseView
  • Added can mode (thanks to Baldanos & smillier)
    • Needs a dedicated shield like HydraOBD to communicate with a real CAN bus
    • Support CAN bus 1 or 2 (speed up to 2M)
    • Support read, read continuous, write, id and filter commands
  • Added in uart mode the bridge command to be used as UART Raw sniffer (thanks to Baldanos)
  • UART: fix bug in baudrate->BRR (thanks to doegox)
HydraNFC specific:
  • HydraNFC Tag Emulation UID Mifare 1K & ISO14443A
  • Mifare Emulation (Anticol+UID+HALT) see new command emul-mifare
  • ISO14443A Emulation (TRF7970A hardware Anticol/UID) see new command emul-3a
  • Rename command mifare to typea (ISO14443A) as it was not specific to MIFARE
  • scan command now support 4 and 7bytes UID (thanks to NicoHub)
  • Sniffer new command sniff-dbg with following new features:
  • Add after each 8bits/byte the parity (ASCII char "0" or "1" + space)
  • End Of Frame Timestamp + RSSI

11.02.2015 - HydraFW v0.5 Beta

  • New USB VID_0x1d50/PID_0x60a7 using OpenMoko HydraFW, update with new drivers
    • Windows see driver_usb_cdc/hydrabus_usb_cdc.inf
    • Linux see 09-hydrabus.rules
  • Added USB DFU boot by pressing UBTN at PowerOn/RESET for easier future update of the firmware (does not requires any wire).
  • Added Log command (thanks to biot):
    • Log all commands/answer in the Terminal to HydraBus SD card file: logging on off sd
  • Added command debug test-rx (debug rx) in order to test USB CDC reception performance.
  • Added PWM command:
    • Configurable PWM frequency between 1Hz to 42MHz and duty cycle from 0 to 100%: pwm, frequency, duty-cycle
    • Give feedback of real PWM frequency & duty cycle after configuration.
  • Added DAC command:
    • Configurable DAC1(PA4 used by ULED) or DAC2(PA5) with following modes:
      • raw (0 to 4095), volt (0 to 3.3), also returns feedback of raw/volt DAC value after configuration.
      • triangle (5Hz / 3.3V Amplitude), noise (0 to 3.3V Amplitude)
      • dac exit disable DAC1/2 & Timer6/7 and reinit GPIO for PA4 & PA5
  • UART:
    • UART returns real baud rate+% error after configuration.
    • Check and correct min/max value for UART baudrate.
  • I2C added scan (thanks to biot).
  • SPI:
    • Fixed cs on / off bug with Infinite Loop.
    • Fixed SPI mode slave.
    • Fixed configuration for phase & polarity (was always set to 0).
  • HydraNFC:
    • Fixed HydraNFC detection/init/cleanup and autonomous sniffer mode started with K4.
    • Fixed some potential problems/crash with scan/continuous.
  • Add full help for commands.
  • Lot of cleanup and fixes in code.

19.12.2014 - HydraFW v0.4 Beta

  • Major improvement/refactoring towards terminal/syntax using tokenline (instead of microrl) thanks to Bert Vermeulen (biot) for that amazing piece of software and all the work on this project.
  • New commands added:
    • ADC, GPIO, more sd commands
  • SPI1&2, I2C and UART1&2 are tested with logic analyzer/oscilloscope.

31.10.2014 - HydraFW v0.3 Beta

  • New modes added: SPI, I2C, UART
  • All modes tested with SCANA Plus logic analyzer, need more test with real hardware.
  • Lot of fixes & cleanup.

13.10.2014 - HydraFW v0.2 Beta

  • New commands added:
cd <dir>       - change directory in sd
pwd            - show current directory path in sd
hd <filename>  - display sd file (HEX)
sd_rperfo      - sd read performance test

*Updated ls command.

  • Added an option for HydraNFC to be not included by commenting Makefile line export HYDRAFW_NFC ?= 1 (by default it is added)
  • Lot of fixes.
  • Thanks to biot for contribution !!

09.10.2014 - HydraFW v0.1 Beta

  • First version (0.1Beta)
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