HydraFW binary 1 Wire mode guide

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HydraFW binary 1-Wire mode guide

This guide is updated towards firmware release HydraFW v0.9 Beta


Once the raw-wire mode has been selected, the following commands are available :

  • 0b00000000 Return to main mode. Returns BBIO1
  • 0b00000010 Mode identification. Returns 1W01
  • 0b00000010 Bus reset
  • 0b00000100 Read byte
  • 0b0001xxxx Bulk raw-wire transfer

Command details

###Bus reset (0b00000010) This command sends a bus reset signal on the 1-Wire bus. No value is sent back.

Read byte (0b00000100)

This command reads a byte on the 1-Wire bus, and sends it back to the user.

Bulk 1-Wire transfer (0b0001xxxx)

In this mode, the last 4 bits of the command define the number of bytes to write (from 1 to 16) (Command 0b00010000 will send 1 byte). Hydrabus will wait for the defined number of bytes, then send a 0x01 (acknowledge).

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