HydraNFC is an open source NFC (13.56MHz) Shield hardware for researcher, hackers, students, embedded software developers or anyone interested in debugging/hacking/developing/penetration testing NFC hardware.
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HydraNFC Shield and HydraNFC Antenna

HydraNFC hardware shield HydraNFC shield

The HydraNFC is an NFC shield hardware to sniff, read/write or emulate any 13.56MHz NFC tags for anyone interested in debugging/hacking/developing for NFC. It has been designed to be used with HydraBus see https://github.com/hydrabus/hydrabus but can also be used with other MCU.

You can Buy HydraBus/HydraNFC Online: http://hydrabus.com/buy-online

Open source code firmware(For HydraBus), is available see https://github.com/hydrabus/hydrafw

Wiki for HydraFW: https://github.com/hydrabus/hydrafw/wiki

Tutorial with HydraBus + HydraNFC (using HydraFW v0.5 beta):

Tutorial to use HydraNFC and understand how work the NFC chipset (TRF7970A) with BusPirate or any other hardware with SPI:

For more details on the hardware see also http://hydrabus.com/hydranfc-1-0-specifications