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# The documented project's name.
name: PyAMF API Documentation
# The documented project's URL.
# The list of objects to document.
modules: pyamf, cpyamf
# Don't examine in any way the modules whose dotted name match this
# regular expression pattern.
exclude: tests*
# The "top" page for the documentation. Can be a URL, the name
# of a module or class, or one of the special names "trees.html",
# "indices.html", or "help.html"
top: pyamf
# The type of output that should be generated. Should be one
# of: html, text, latex, dvi, ps, pdf.
output: html
# The path to the output directory. May be relative or absolute.
target: doc/build/api
# If True, don't try to use colors or cursor control when doing
# textual output. The default False assumes a rich text prompt.
simple-term: 0
# An integer indicating how verbose epydoc should be. The default
# value is 0; negative values will supress warnings and errors;
# positive values will give more verbose output.
verbosity: 0
# Whether or not to list each module's imports.
imports: yes
# Whether or not to include syntax highlighted source code in
# the output (HTML only).
sourcecode: yes
# The list of graph types that should be automatically included
# in the output. Graphs are generated using the Graphviz "dot"
# executable. Graph types include: "classtree", "callgraph",
# "umlclasstree". Use "all" to include all graph types.
#graph: umlclasstree
# The path to the Graphviz "dot" executable, used to generate
# graphs.
#dotpath: /usr/local/bin/dot
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