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Dockerfile for Hydra Network Utilities

This project contains files and scripts to build the a docker image containing Hydra network utilities. A Makefile is provided to build and tag the image with the git hash of this repository. pipenv is used to lock the installation to specific versions of hydra_network_utils. This should ensure the image can be reproduced exactly for each tag.

Building the image

To build the image simply invoke the Makefile.


Registering the app/image

Once built in order to use the image with Hydra one must register the apps associated with hydra-network-utils.

The image has the ability to self register by executing hydra-network-utils as a container. The two commands below show how to do these two steps respecitvely. Note that you will have to edit these commands to fit in with you particular docker configuration. For example specifying the correct docker volume and network if required.

docker run -v ${HYDRA_VOLUME}:/root/.hydra ${IMG} hydra-network-utils register ${IMG}
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