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pragma solidity ^0.4.23;
import "./Withdrawable.sol";
import "./libraries/StringUtils.sol";
contract ClientRaindrop is Withdrawable {
// attach the StringUtils library
using StringUtils for string;
using StringUtils for StringUtils.slice;
// Events for when a user signs up for Raindrop Client and when their account is deleted
event UserSignUp(string casedUserName, address userAddress);
event UserDeleted(string casedUserName);
// Variables allowing this contract to interact with the Hydro token
address public hydroTokenAddress;
uint public minimumHydroStakeUser;
uint public minimumHydroStakeDelegatedUser;
// User account template
struct User {
string casedUserName;
address userAddress;
// Mapping from hashed uncased names to users (primary User directory)
mapping (bytes32 => User) internal userDirectory;
// Mapping from addresses to hashed uncased names (secondary directory for account recovery based on address)
mapping (address => bytes32) internal addressDirectory;
// Requires an address to have a minimum number of Hydro
modifier requireStake(address _address, uint stake) {
ERC20Basic hydro = ERC20Basic(hydroTokenAddress);
require(hydro.balanceOf(_address) >= stake, "Insufficient HYDRO balance.");
// Allows applications to sign up users on their behalf iff users signed their permission
function signUpDelegatedUser(string casedUserName, address userAddress, uint8 v, bytes32 r, bytes32 s)
requireStake(msg.sender, minimumHydroStakeDelegatedUser)
isSigned(userAddress, keccak256(abi.encodePacked("Create RaindropClient Hydro Account")), v, r, s),
"Permission denied."
_userSignUp(casedUserName, userAddress);
// Allows users to sign up with their own address
function signUpUser(string casedUserName) public requireStake(msg.sender, minimumHydroStakeUser) {
return _userSignUp(casedUserName, msg.sender);
// Allows users to delete their accounts
function deleteUser() public {
bytes32 uncasedUserNameHash = addressDirectory[msg.sender];
require(initialized(uncasedUserNameHash), "No user associated with the sender address.");
string memory casedUserName = userDirectory[uncasedUserNameHash].casedUserName;
delete addressDirectory[msg.sender];
delete userDirectory[uncasedUserNameHash];
emit UserDeleted(casedUserName);
// Allows the Hydro API to link to the Hydro token
function setHydroTokenAddress(address _hydroTokenAddress) public onlyOwner {
hydroTokenAddress = _hydroTokenAddress;
// Allows the Hydro API to set minimum hydro balances required for sign ups
function setMinimumHydroStakes(uint newMinimumHydroStakeUser, uint newMinimumHydroStakeDelegatedUser)
public onlyOwner
ERC20Basic hydro = ERC20Basic(hydroTokenAddress);
// <= the airdrop amount
require(newMinimumHydroStakeUser <= (222222 * 10**18), "Stake is too high.");
// <= 1% of total supply
require(newMinimumHydroStakeDelegatedUser <= (hydro.totalSupply() / 100), "Stake is too high.");
minimumHydroStakeUser = newMinimumHydroStakeUser;
minimumHydroStakeDelegatedUser = newMinimumHydroStakeDelegatedUser;
// Returns a bool indicating whether a given userName has been claimed (either exactly or as any case-variant)
function userNameTaken(string userName) public view returns (bool taken) {
bytes32 uncasedUserNameHash = keccak256(abi.encodePacked(userName.lower()));
return initialized(uncasedUserNameHash);
// Returns user details (including cased username) by any cased/uncased user name that maps to a particular user
function getUserByName(string userName) public view returns (string casedUserName, address userAddress) {
bytes32 uncasedUserNameHash = keccak256(abi.encodePacked(userName.lower()));
require(initialized(uncasedUserNameHash), "User does not exist.");
return (userDirectory[uncasedUserNameHash].casedUserName, userDirectory[uncasedUserNameHash].userAddress);
// Returns user details by user address
function getUserByAddress(address _address) public view returns (string casedUserName) {
bytes32 uncasedUserNameHash = addressDirectory[_address];
require(initialized(uncasedUserNameHash), "User does not exist.");
return userDirectory[uncasedUserNameHash].casedUserName;
// Checks whether the provided (v, r, s) signature was created by the private key associated with _address
function isSigned(address _address, bytes32 messageHash, uint8 v, bytes32 r, bytes32 s) public pure returns (bool) {
return (_isSigned(_address, messageHash, v, r, s) || _isSignedPrefixed(_address, messageHash, v, r, s));
// Checks unprefixed signatures
function _isSigned(address _address, bytes32 messageHash, uint8 v, bytes32 r, bytes32 s)
returns (bool)
return ecrecover(messageHash, v, r, s) == _address;
// Checks prefixed signatures (e.g. those created with web3.eth.sign)
function _isSignedPrefixed(address _address, bytes32 messageHash, uint8 v, bytes32 r, bytes32 s)
returns (bool)
bytes memory prefix = "\x19Ethereum Signed Message:\n32";
bytes32 prefixedMessageHash = keccak256(abi.encodePacked(prefix, messageHash));
return ecrecover(prefixedMessageHash, v, r, s) == _address;
// Common internal logic for all user signups
function _userSignUp(string casedUserName, address userAddress) internal {
require(!initialized(addressDirectory[userAddress]), "Address already registered.");
require(bytes(casedUserName).length < 31, "Username too long.");
require(bytes(casedUserName).length > 3, "Username too short.");
bytes32 uncasedUserNameHash = keccak256(abi.encodePacked(casedUserName.toSlice().copy().toString().lower()));
require(!initialized(uncasedUserNameHash), "Username taken.");
userDirectory[uncasedUserNameHash] = User(casedUserName, userAddress);
addressDirectory[userAddress] = uncasedUserNameHash;
emit UserSignUp(casedUserName, userAddress);
function initialized(bytes32 uncasedUserNameHash) internal view returns (bool) {
return userDirectory[uncasedUserNameHash].userAddress != 0x0; // a sufficient initialization check