Building Hydrogen from source (LINUX)

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Compiling Hydrogen V0.9.6 / V0.9.7


These are the instructions for compiling the Hydrogen versions 0.9.6 & 0.9.7 (all based on QT4) on a debian-based distribution. Hydrogen runs on all kinds of linux distribution, but then the package names and installation tools will differ.

Required libraries

QT4     : libqt4-dev
ALSA    : libasound-dev
SndFile : libsndfile-dev
JACK    : libjack-dev
LRDF    : liblrdf-dev
TAR     : libtar-dev
LASH    : liblash-dev
ZLIB    : zlib1g-dev

Build steps

1. Install the required libraries:

apt-get install cmake git-core libqt4-dev g++ libasound2-dev libjack-dev liblrdf0-dev libtar-dev libsndfile1-dev zlib1g-dev

NOTE: get QT version 4.7 or higher

NOTE: depending on the jack server version you have installed you might have to install libjack-jackd2-dev iso libjack-dev

NOTE: if you want JackSession support you will need a recent Jack version (1.9.7 or more)

If you want to use lash, install additionally:


If you want to use rubberband, install additionally:


If you want to use OSS, install additionally:


For portaudio / portmidi:

libportaudio-dev libportmidi-dev

NOTE: make sure you are installing version 19 (on some Ubuntu systems V18 is the default)

If you're using portaudio / portmidi v19, make sure you apply the portaudio/portmidi patches (see below).

This is just an example for debian based systems. The package names may vary for other distributions.

2. Get the sourcecode:

Create a directory where you want to store the source code (make sure you have rw rights there) and get the hydrogen sourcecode from git :

mkdir <your directory>
cd <your directory>
git clone git://

3. Apply portaudio / portmidi patches (only if you want to use portaudio / portmidi v19)

cd <your directory>/hydrogen
patch -p0 < patches/portaudio.patch 
patch -p0 < patches/portmidi.patch

if the patches dir is empty this simply means that there are no patches to apply

4. Compile and install hydrogen:

NOTE : for 0.9.7 you need gcc version 4.7 or higher

cd <your directory>/hydrogen
./ m

5. Build a debian package

As an alternative you can build a debian package. This makes it easier to remove hydrogen from your system.

apt-get install fakeroot debhelper build-essential
cd <your directory>/hydrogen/linux
fakeroot dpkg-buildpackage

The package appears in /hydrogen and can be installed with dpkg (dpkg -i package_name)