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Web BLE testing with the nrF52 Feather from Adafruit

Program your Feather nrF52 and then open a chrome web browser in MacOS, chromeOS, Android, or in ios using the safari wrapper webble. The files must be hosted as https:// such as

Here's a preview:

Click on the bluetooth icon for your browser to connect to the nrF52.

I finally got all the code up and running on Webble. It’s a $2 app on itunes that’s a wrapper for Safari that exposes the web-ble functions we’re using to connect over Bluetooth to the eggs. It hadn’t worked previously because of a bug but by updating ios to 11.0 and downloading the newest WEBBLE app 1.1.5 it all works seamlessly.

Webble App on itunes: web-ble:

The Arduino nrF52 sketch: //This code used the nrf52 library Adafruit Library #include <bluefruit.h> 10a9af52aa