Declarative transitions and animations for React Native (with unmount effect)
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Declarative transitions and animations for React Native (with unmount effect).

It extends react-native-animatable with possibility to define unmount transitions and animations.



$ npm install react-native-animatable-unmountable --save


See react-native-animatable for details. It can be used exactly same way.

import * as Animatable from 'react-native-animatable-unmountable';
MyCustomComponent = Animatable.animatableUnmountable(MyCustomComponent);
<Animatable.Text animation="zoomInUp">Zoom me up, Scotty</Animatable.Text>

Unmount animations

The key is to define mounted prop and have it set to true (mounted) or false (unmounted). When mounted prop changes value from true to false, unmount animation is triggered, then - after animation ends - the element gets hidden.

  If you're going through hell, keep going

Additional props

Prop Description Default
mounted Set to false to unmount component and trigger unmount animation true
unmountAnimation Name of the unmount animation. None
unmountDuration For how long the unmount animation will run (milliseconds). 1000
unmountDelay Optionally delay the unmount animation (milliseconds). 0
onUnmountAnimationBegin A function that is called when the unmount animation has been started. None
onUnmountAnimationEnd A function that is called when the unmount animation has been completed successfully or cancelled. Function is called with an endState argument, refer to endState.finished to see if the animation completed or not. None
innerRef Reference to inner AnimatableComponent element. None
didMount Triggered right after entrance animation ends. None
didUnmount Triggered right after unmount (exit) animation ends. None


  • cd example
  • expo start