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Using R in Hydrology - EGU2018 Short Course

Conveners: Louise Slater, Shaun Harrigan, Tobias Gauster, Alexander Hurley, Guillaume Thirel, Claudia Vitolo



The running order of the short course follows a typical hydrological analysis workflow:


To get all the materials including the datasets and presentation source codes, we recommend to download the whole github course repository. Individual presentations (.html files) can be downloaded and viewed in a regular web browser.


  • To follow along, participants may wish to run the following code before the session: install.packages(c("rnrfa", "lfstat", "osmdata", "tidyverse", "sf", "leaflet", "ncdf4","lubridate", "ggplot2", "raster", "rgdal", "airGRteaching", "airGR"))
  • For the netCDF presentation, sample gridded data for 2015-06 can be downloaded directly by clicking here and the catchment shapefile can be downloaded from here (see acknowledgments in presentation).


  • airGR - a description of the airGR package (IRSTEA GR Hydrological Models)
  • R-Resources for Hydrology - a detailed list of R resources for hydrology (slightly outdated now)
  • rnrfa - an R package to interact with the UK National River Flow Archive (GitHub repo)
  • hddtools - an R package to facilitate access to a variety of online open data sources for hydrologists


Please refer to this course as:

  • Louise Slater, Claudia Vitolo, Shaun Harrigan, Tobias Gauster, Guillaume Thirel, & Alexander Hurley. (2018, April). Using R in Hydrology at EGU2018 (Version 1.0.1). Zenodo.


@misc{rhydro_EGU2018, title={Using R in Hydrology at EGU2018}, DOI={10.5281/zenodo.2554009}, abstractNote={<p>This repository contains all contributions to the <a href="">short course</a> delivered at EGU 2018. Materials to this and other short courses can be found on the <a href="">YHS GitHub repository.</a></p>}, publisher={Zenodo}, author={Louise Slater and Claudia Vitolo and Shaun Harrigan and Tobias Gauster and Guillaume Thirel and Alexander Hurley}, year={2018}, month={Apr}}