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Sparky Website Tutorial

Course Pitch

By Cameron Yick for Rippowam Labs

Introducing web development through building a lightweight business website

Preview the final site.


  • Ability to copy-and-paste, and move files around on your computer
  • Enthusiasm to learn!

How to Use

Live Class

Own Computer
  1. Download a zipped copy of this whole directory to your computer
  2. Open up the folder starter-files in your text editor.
Public Computer or No Text Editor
  1. Open up this Codepen
  2. HTML corresponds to index.html, CSS corresponds to assets/styles.css, and JS corresponds to assets/main.js

After you have the starter files ready...

  • Visit this page and get ready to learn!
  • Refer to reference-files if you get stuck!
  • Leave comments on any files or lines you find confusing


  • Click "fork" to make a copy of these files for your account
  • Open up the folder starter-files
  • A fully documented version of the basic directions will be posted if time permits.

Returning Student

  • Check the course-notes/ page for new tools or share new ones you find
  • Leave a comment to have your site added to the gallery!
  • Learn to use GitHub so you can modify this tutorial too!
If you found this tutorial helpful, consider scrolling to the top of the page and starring this project :)


Web development tutorial - HTML, CSS, and JS




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