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WOOFcard RFID Card Registration + Attendance Tracking

Simple and spoof-proof attendance tracking with RFID cards!

Release 0.5

  • Designed for the Yale Undergraduate Diversified Investments Group

  • Taking reliable attendance for recurring large group events is challenging. Measures such as QR code scans or requiring time-sensitive passwords can be circumvented by remote spoofers.

  • RFID tags can be very inexpensive if bought in bulk. They have to be brought on-site to check in. If the organization maintains a careful inventory of non-reprogramable cards, using RFID tags to keep track of attendance

  • This program is for use with 9600 baud 125Khz RFID Card Readers. It was tested with the SparkFun ID-12 Reader. It can be compiled and run in the Processing IDE.


  • Requires a computer capable of running Processing + USB Ports
  • FTDI Driver for processing the serial data
  • Serial-port based RFID Reader
  • 125 KHz EM 4100 or 4001 Cards


  • Open the file in processing and click "Run"
  • If you don't have an existing datafile, any new cards will prompt entering a new name.
  • Once the card is in the database, you can check in once per session. (May restrict this to per day.)
  • Type "quit" to save roster (The exit code can be edited in the configuration file).
  • Generated CSV Files can be edited in a Spreadsheet, making integration with a non-technical team easy.


  • Push checkins to a Google Spreadsheet via POST requests to a public google form
  • Convert program to run headless on a raspberry pi and push data via Node Server
  • Implement "dummy mode" that doesn't require an admin to be on site to authorize the addition of new cards