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Update News
3.2.0 has dependent loader items (zip loading and pcm audio loading) commented out by default. To use these features, make sure respective packages are included in the source and un-comment the items in the ItemList class.

QueueLoader is an actionscript library for sequential asset loading and monitoring. QueueLoader is designed to be used with Actionscript 3.0 and has become an open source project.

QueueLoader 3.1.0 now has a number of dependancies. Only the QueueLoader specific source can be found on the SVN. Click the link below to download source, dependencies, and example files and assets to get up and running. Also a comprehensive list of example source code can be found as well. Be sure to download and overwrite the core QueueLoader code with the latest version.

QueueLoader 3.1.0 Source and Example Files

Class Documentation

WIKI Pages

Current Features:

  • Individual monitoring
  • Overall queue monitoring
  • Image loading
  • SWF loading
  • MP3 loading
  • XML loading
  • CSS loading
  • FLV loading
  • WAV Audio loading
  • ZIP Archive loading
  • URL Variable support
  • Direct access to loaded items by name
  • Global QLManager for multiple QueueLoaders
  • Addition of items to the queue on the fly
  • Access of loaded SWF class references using application domain/loader context
  • Disposing of loaded references for Garbage Collection
  • Removal of items in the queue
  • Queue sorting using shuffle() functions
  • Stopping and resuming of a queue in progress
  • Drawing of external SWF frames to a Bitmap Array

// Most Basic Example

import com.hydrotik.queueloader.QueueLoader;
import com.hydrotik.queueloader.QueueLoaderEvent;

var _oLoader:QueueLoader = new QueueLoader();

var img:Sprite = new Sprite();
img.name = “image_1”;
img.x = 20;
img.y = 20;
img.scaleX = img.scaleY = .075;

_oLoader.addItem(“../flashassets/images/slideshow/1.jpg”, img);

oLoader.addEventListener(QueueLoaderEvent.QUEUEPROGRESS, onQueueProgress, false, 0, true);
oLoader.addEventListener(QueueLoaderEvent.QUEUECOMPLETE, onQueueComplete,false, 0, true);


function onQueueProgress(event:QueueLoaderEvent):void {
trace("\t>>onQueueProgress: "+event.queuepercentage);

function onQueueComplete(event:QueueLoaderEvent):void {
trace("** "+event.type);