WebApp to calculate blood of sargeras vendor values
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A World of Warcraft webapp that helps players determine the best value for their bloods of sargeras and primal sargerite on their realm.


  1. Compile blood-money
  2. Make an account on and generate an API key
  3. Run blood-money <api key> (us|eu)
  4. Look at http://localhost:3000/blood-money or http://localhost:3001/blood-money-eu depending on how blood-money was launched.


  • Read token from config (or stick with commandline?)
  • Move these println's into a real logging system.
  • Save data between runs and use it when bringing the service back up.
  • The threading model is presently fairly serial and could be improved such that it was hurt less by stragglers or one buggy realm.
  • There's definitely some major CPU usage when the download is running. Possibly some dumb deserialization issue or sorting.
  • We should probably move most of the work to the background thread and make the web thread just essentially take a reader lock and clone some Arc's
  • Add some more crafting options now that we have the infrastructure for that.

Things that we might get to if this became more serious:

  • Currently does not respect changes in realm lists. Requires a restart to handle those changes.
  • Re-implement the battle_net_api_client into something robust: Use a modern version of hyper (means working with futures), flesh out all the method calls, move it into a lib.
  • Re-implement on instead of iron.


Although I can't imagine someone else using this: MIT, of course.