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A Theorem Prover for Intuitionistic Modal Logic IS5

Author : Hyungchul Park, Hyeonseung Im, Sungwoo Park

usage: ./prover [-i input_file] [-o output_tex] [-n] [-s shell_script]
  -i : set an input file path, the input file may contain one or more lines of formulas
  -o : set an output tex file path
  -n : this switch prevents proof search
  -s : shell script which runs after the output tex file is generated
  -help  Display this list of options
  --help  Display this list of options

Input Syntax

P := [a-Z] ([alphanum])*                  # atomic formulas 
A := P | true | false | ~ A | A & A | A v A | A -> A | box A | dia A | (A)                
     | A <-> A                            # syntactic sugar (A<->B means (A->B & B->A))

Sample Input

# provable formulas
box (a -> b) -> (box a -> box b)  # K axiom
box a -> a                        # T axiom
dia a -> box (dia a)              # 5 axiom
dia a -> ~ (box (~a))
a & b -> ~(~a v ~b)
p1 & dia p2 -> box (p2 -> p3) -> dia (p2 v p3)
(box((box((box p1) -> (box p1))) -> false)) -> false
dia p1 -> box (p1 -> p2) -> (dia p2 -> p3) -> box (p3 -> p4) -> (dia p4 -> p5) -> p5

# unprovable formulas
a <-> ~~a                         # double negation
a v ~a                            # law of excluded middle
dia a -> a
dia a -> box a
~ (box (~a)) -> dia a
(box(dia((box p12) v ((dia((p1 & (~p2)) v ((~p1) & p2))) v (box((dia((p2 & (~p3)) v ((~p2) & p3))) v (box((dia((p3 & (~p4)) v ((~p3) & p4))) v (box((dia((p4 & (~p5)) v ((~p4) & p5))) v (box((dia((p5 & (~p6)) v ((~p5) & p6))) v (box((dia((p6 & (~p7)) v ((~p6) & p7))) v (box false))))))))))))))) v (box((dia p1) -> (~p12)))


Upon completing a proof search, the theorem prover generates a latex file result.tex which shows a proof tree for the given formula. (You can specify the name of the output file on the command line.)

Update history

- Dec 27, 2012 : initial release
- Jul 22, 2013 : bug fixed(formula signs), proof search optimization(avoid obvious redundancy in the proof search procedure)
- Apr  4, 2018 : updated latex code generation(the syntax is changed), fixed some minor bugs, added comments in the code, removed tabs