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Poreplex 0.5

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@hyeshik hyeshik released this 18 Oct 05:40
· 2 commits to master since this release


  • Added support for basecalls from the Guppy's flip-flop model.
  • --fast5 now writes multi-read FAST5 files by default. --symlink-fast5 is removed as symbolic links are not compatible with multi-read FAST5s.
  • Barcode accuracy is calibrated and reported for every read in barcode_score within sequencing_summary.txt in the phred-scale.
  • For the dashboard view, the first part delimited by '|' of identifier in the minimap2 index is used for display or mapping to transcript names.
  • Poreplex now stops processing when it seems that the whole bunch of FAST5 files is not basecalled. (It stops on the 1000th non-basecalled read while no read had been processed correctly.)


  • The barcode demultiplexer is updated to provide calibrated accuracy predictions and higher robustness to irregular signals.