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This is a jekyll/octopress theme with a navbar, bootstrap, html5boilerplate, SEO practices, and a strong hero.
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This is a fork of Adrian's great looking foxslide theme for octopress.


Instead of the About me and the other social widgets that appear in the original foxslide, Reynard has a navbar. I did this because my blog is also my personal website and I needed a navbar to stick in a few custom links.

Sticking custom links in the Navbar

Adding links to pages or even external websites to the navbar is easy. Add a section like this to the _config.yml of your blog --

navigation_elements: [
  {name: "About Me", link: "/aboutme"},
  {name: "Code", link: ""}]

Note that these links will open in the same window, they don't have a target attribute as of now.

New background

I also replaced the original photo from foxslide with a wonderful black and white from Carrie Nelson that I found here. It is licensed under Creative Commons with "Noncommercial, Attribution and No Derivative Works".

Spacelab from Bootswatch

Since the original foxslide is built upon Bootstrap by Twitter, it was simple to switch it out with Spacelab.


$ cd blog
$ git clone .themes/reynard
$ rake install["reynard"]
$ rake generate

Live preview

My personal blog uses Reynard.


Landing Page

Landing page

Blog Post

Blog post



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