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This wiki is courtesy of The HYIP Project. Find all of them on The Project Map.
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Table of Contents

Project Map

This page is the last page of our current section. We have explained all about our Mapping Concept. Here we are going to portray our online project mapping by diagram and tabulation.

Hopefully you can follow and able to understand to what we have explained. You may check if you have made clear yourself by answering questionnaire on the last of this page.

By Mapping Diagram

Now it is your turn to familiar with our mapping by diagram and tabulation. If you have followed the previous section you can figure out the overall mapping as shown below.


By Tabulation

Here are the tabulation showing the list of overall process that are involved on the above diagram. You may check location on each of the process by clicking on each item.

Please note that This Project is still Under Construction. The shown links below are just to represent on how we manage our repositories in correlation to the Mapping Concept.

:radio_button: Type Repo :cow: Form Route Channel
:clock3: main info :cow2: :twisted_rightwards_arrows: :house_with_garden:
:clock4: hyip world :elephant: :house: :cinema:
:clock1: main rating :honeybee: :twisted_rightwards_arrows: :house_with_garden:
:clock1: hyip monitor :house: :cinema:
:clock1: main monitor :twisted_rightwards_arrows: :house_with_garden:
:clock1: hyip rating :honeybee: :house: :cinema:
:clock1: main team :ant: :twisted_rightwards_arrows: :house_with_garden:
:clock12: hyip script :horse_racing: :house: :cinema:
:clock1: main script :horse_racing: :twisted_rightwards_arrows: :house_with_garden:
:clock12: hyip team :ant: :house: :cinema:
:clock1: main world :elephant: :twisted_rightwards_arrows: :house_with_garden:
:clock12: hyip info :cow2: :house: :cinema:
  • :radio_button: Progress Status, Defined by Clock, :clock12: = 0%
  • :cow: Nature of Content, Provided with the Link to each Wiki
  • :house: Organization Page, The List of Repositories (User+Forked)
  • :cinema: Assigned Domain. Portraying the content of each process on the web

By Configuration

As shown in the table. You may choose one (1) kind of Nature per rows. Plus (2) links in Form column, and three (3) in Route column become six (6) in total. This six (6) will need to be on pair with another six (6) links on Channel column.

You may choose whatever the 6 (six) of channel links you like as long as the can be connected each other. However, they will need to be one-by-one mapping. Confusing them can destroy the power of our concept. Please login to all your channel then make sure them by checking:

It is recommended that the first four (4) brands on each of channels will need to be the same. They also need to be arranged on pair in six (6) groups of two (2) channels each.

You may follow us on assignment of your domain(s). Take a look at the assigned ones for the last two (2) :cinema:. These two (2) shall use subdomains of the assigned domain for the first :cinema: as they will be used in implementing cross domain.

The Formation

In the table, on each rows of main, follow to the one (1) link of their nature in kind of repo or wiki, the two (2) kind of links in the Form Column will represent a spreading while the three (3) links in Route Column will present an employment.

When these links are combined with the six (6) Channel Links by a merging they will generate a group of twelve (12) new kind of processes. Pairing the twelve (12) with the associated group on the row of hyip then it will become twenty four (24) of new processes all together.

See that the twenty four (24) formation is the same again with the six (6) to six (6) mapping shown by diagram. So it will let the mapping always be the same in hexagonal form for all of up direction (attaching), side by side direction (combining), or evenso spread direction (digging).

This kind of configuration will then allow the unique system to be implemented throughout an unlimited destination as their formation will always become unified on every directions.

The License

We believe that until this concept is written by us, there is no such thing similar to our concept. You may use, copy, and distribute the concept under Our License.

Please note that we are not implementing any kind of License Key on this project. The Hexagonal Formation of our mapping itself will stand as the key for this purpose:

The definite key to identify whether you use our concept is when there a kind of development item lies a unified assignment in hexagonal form by six (6) corresponding sets while each sets pick a combination of six (6) routes with a pairing of six (6) to six (6) of all channels.

On that case we consider The License need to be attached. Out of The Formation, you are welcome to use whatever the items on this project without any License from us.


No matter whether your lists are work related or just for fun. No matter what you’re planning, how big or small the task may be, TODO list makes it easy to get stuff done.

Further Development

We are going to develop further our concept on our on-line mapping site. We would like to have it displayed on the mapping section of our main site using a kind of programmatic way.

We have found some projects on GitHub that we can start to do so. Following are the list of URL's which is generated from our forked repository of the said projects.


We have mentioned our TODO List. Now we have a little TODO List for you which is our question to answer as below:

As we have mentioned on the top of this page, this page is the last page of The Current Section. So would you please define for the followings:

  • What Section shall we get next?
  • What Topic is supposed to be found there?
Please carefully observe the mapping before you answer or consider to go back again. If you are sure with your answer just click the Next Button below, see if your answer is correct..

This wiki is courtesy of The HYIP Project. Find all of them on The Project Map.
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