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_assets javascript: Enable accordion Oct 4, 2015
_includes includes/meta: Add <title> attribute even if item has none Sep 28, 2015
_layouts layout/article: Page and Author summary next to eachother Oct 4, 2015
_plugins Revert "Add source of toc_generator plugin" Oct 4, 2015
wiki/articles Add note about code highlighting Oct 4, 2015
.gitignore Merge razor-x/jekyll-and-foundation tag 'v2.11.5' into transform-to-j… Sep 22, 2015
.nojekyll Added .nojekyll. Dec 27, 2013
.travis.yml Fix bug with ssh-agent command. Aug 31, 2015 Major simplification and refactoring of rake tasks. Aug 3, 2015
404.html Use h2 for 404 page. Aug 3, 2015
Gemfile Use jekyll-git_metadata from wiki-template org Oct 4, 2015
Gemfile.lock Regenerate Gemfile.lock with new gems Oct 4, 2015
Guardfile Add LiveReload support. Jan 21, 2015
LICENSE Remove license "any later version" note Sep 22, 2015
LICENSE.MIT.txt License: LGPLv2.1 Sep 22, 2015 Readme/License: Code under LGPLv2.1, content under CC-by-nc-sa 4.0 Sep 25, 2015
Rakefile Set staging site CNAME with `CNAME` environment variable. Aug 31, 2015 Remove google analytics entry from config files Sep 24, 2015
_config.testing.yml Remove google analytics entry from config files Sep 24, 2015
_config.yml Add jekyll-git_metadata gem Oct 4, 2015
bower.json License: LGPLv2.1 Sep 22, 2015
default.nix Add git to project deps Oct 4, 2015
humans.txt Remove Compass. Aug 4, 2015
index.html layouts/default: Make content in panel boxes with grid Sep 22, 2015
package.json Update minor dependencies. Aug 26, 2015
robots.txt Add empty Disallow directive to robots.txt. Jul 15, 2015
shell.nix Initial import Sep 2, 2015


This is a template for a wiki based on jekyll, foundation. It is based on jekyll-and-zurb, which is MIT licensed.


The source code used in this project is licensed under the terms of LGPLv2.1, for more information see the LICENSE file.

The content of the ./wiki subdirectory (the content of the wiki) is licensed under the terms of Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License if not stated otherwise in the respective files.

For more information about CC-by-nc-sa 4.0 click here.