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+# Media
+*Tasks that work with my [](kohana-media) module*
+- **Module Version:** 1.1.0
+- **Module URL:** <>
+- **Compatible Kohana Version(s):** 3.2.x
+## Description
+Currently provides `media:compile` and `media:watch` tasks. `media:compile` will gather all the JS and SCSS files in your Cascading Filesystem and compile them into files to server using the [](kohana-media) module. `media:watch` will watch your media files for changes and automatically trigger `media:compile` for you.
+The module will also allow you to configure additional compilers with a simple config file and interface class.
+## Requirements
+- **uglifyjs** - required to minify the JS
+- **compass** - required to compile and minify the SCSS files into CSS files
+The tasks have only been tested on Ubuntu servers for now and I anticipage issues on Windows systems. Let me know if you test the tasks in any other OS and run into any issues.

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