Hy mode for Emacs
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brandonwillard and ekaschalk Syntax and macro updates (#76)
* Various font-lock and indent syntax updates

* Update macro references in Hy source

* Correct references to process and buffer name

Instead of using the `*-buffer-name` name variables directly, wrap them in a
function that provides the name.  Currently, the process names *are* the buffer
names, but having this function allows one to customize the process naming
convention (e.g. to implement project/session-specific Hy processes).

* Add local-quit handling

This is taken from `python-mode`'s send-string function(s).  It allows one to
more gracefully stop a stuck/long-running send-string.
Latest commit 9b32a3c Nov 24, 2018


An Emacs major mode for Hy, lispy python, providing support for:

  1. Syntax Highlighting
  2. Auto-completion
  3. Eldoc and documentation lookup
  4. Shell integration
  5. Hy constructs like bracket strings

Spacemacs users - Hy has its own layer in its dev branch.


hy-mode requires Emacs 24+ and is available in MELPA. For the most current set of features use master.