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XKCD #224

Lisp and Python should love each other. Let's make it happen.

Hy is a Lisp dialect that's embedded in Python. Since Hy transforms its Lisp code into Python abstract syntax tree (AST) objects, you have the whole beautiful world of Python at your fingertips, in Lisp form.

To install the latest release of Hy, just use the command pip3 install --user hy. Then you can start an interactive read-eval-print loop (REPL) with the command hy, or run a Hy program with hy myprogram.hy.

Hy is tested on all released and currently maintained versions of CPython (on Linux, Windows, and Mac OS), and on recent versions of PyPy and Pyodide.


Hy's current maintainer is Kodi Arfer. He takes responsibility for answering user questions, which should primarily be asked on Stack Overflow or GitHub Discussions, but feel free to poke him if he's missed a question or you've found a serious security issue.

Cuddles the Hacker

(fan art from the one and only doctormo)