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Releases: hylian-modding/Z64Online

Ocarina of Time Online 3.0.72

10 Jul 00:11
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Change IP for new game server.

Ocarina of Time Online 3.0.70

01 Jul 16:26
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Bottles should no longer vanish randomly.
Replaced the default puppet models with dlist ports for better accuracy.
Fixed a soft reset crash.
Fixed heart containers going above 20.
Fixed a bug where custom anim banks wouldn't show up in the costume manager.
Fixed a bug where disabling notification sounds would result in erroneous behavior.
Added diagnostic mode that dumps ram on model related functions.

Ocarina of Time Online 3.0.69

24 Jun 16:21
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OotO 3.0.69

Fixes several bugs with multiworld.
Fix OotR shop sanity syncing issues. (hopefully)
Fix of some soft reset related issues.
Fix model scripting bugs.
Fix of title screen save leak. (hopefully)
Make recovering from a disconnect less troublesome.
Fix of bottles vanishing. (hopefully)

Option to desync your mask and bottle slots.

Ocarina of Time Online 3.0.67

18 Jun 10:07
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Don't do sync ticks in cutscenes

Ocarina of Time Online 3.0.66

17 Jun 10:33
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Its been a long night...

Ocarina of Time Online 3.0.65

17 Jun 06:32
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Still trying to stabilize 3.0...

Ocarina of Time Online 3.0.64

17 Jun 05:56
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Fixing more release day bugs.

Ocarina of Time Online 3.0.62

17 Jun 05:24
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Bugfix for recovering the world id if the server loses connection.

Ocarina of Time Online 3.0.61

17 Jun 04:36
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OotO 3.0 Changelog:

Complete system rewrites:
Save Syncing
Model Management
Equipment paks
Voice paks
Event Management

OotR Multiworld and Triforce hunt are now natively supported.
World Events (i.e. Halloween, Christmas) can be deployed without needing an OotO update.
Custom Models now have a scripting interface to create special behavior when that model is equipped.
Big Poe score card now syncs.
Scarecrow's Song now syncs.
Emotes can now be configured to loop.

The puppet can now mimic Link more accurately and will mimic mod created behavior (i.e. ChildGear).
The costume manager no longer requires a restart on first use.
Puppet network traffic has been optimized.
Save syncing network traffic has been optimized.
Voice paks can now be selected in the Costume Manager.
Animation banks can now be selected in the Costume Manager.
Event reward storage has been optimized.
Model management will no longer load duplicate copies of a model if two people choose the same one.

Running OotR at first boot no longer results in a blank error message.
Doors will now automatically unlock themselves if their associated switch flag is set.
Custom models with embedded animations will no longer cause every model to have those animations.
Ganon's intro cutscene no longer crashes the game randomly.
Epona puppet should no longer fail to spawn causing Link to ride an invisible horse.

Ocarina of Time Online 2.0.187

03 Jan 05:04
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Remove christmas stuff since the event is over.