CVE-2016-5195 (Dirty COW) PoC for Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow
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This is a CVE-2016-5195 PoC for 64-bit Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow (perhaps 7.0 ?), as well as an universal & stable temporal root tool. It does not require a SUID executable or any filesystem changes.


  • SELinux bypass (see below for details).
  • Memory-only: does not modify the filesystem or need special executable.
  • Stable: does not affect stability of your device.
  • Scalable: easy to add new kernel and/or new devices.
  • Reversible: the backdoor is cleared automatically after the root shell ends, which means no reboot is required after usage.


By "SELinux bypass" I mean the payload will run in init domian even if SELinux is in enforcing mode, however, a patch to sepolicy is still needed for making init domain unconfined. Usually this means a modified boot image is required.


  • I, Robot by Isaac Asimov.
  • "dirtycow-capable" device.
  • patched sepolicy.


Pre-built binaries are available on the release page. Otherwise, just add NDK standalone toolchain into PATH and run make.


You may run it through an adb shell (place it under /data/local/tmp) and get a root shell either in the built-in terminal or a remote terminal server such as nc. For details, run it without any parameters.


  • firstly please read through the "Attention" part above.
  • "insufficient place for payload" or "unknown kernel": a reboot is required.
  • "waiting for reverse connect shell": please wake up your device, open the clock/alarm app or toggle the bluetooth switch in order to trigger the backdoor.
  • still no luck: please run the "dbg" version and send an e-mail to me with the generated files which are just dump of some part of kernel and don't contain any personal information.


  • scumjr for the vDSO patching method.
  • Tzul for helping me debug the sepolicy problem.
  • RenaKunisaki for making it work with bionic.


  • Enrich the kernel database for x86 support and so on.
  • Test it on Android 7 Nougat (help wanted!).