An Unofficial Desktop Client for Splatnet2
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An unoffical desktop program for viewing splatnet 2 statistics and uploading them to Splatnet 2 only records the most recent 50 games and this tool is for uploading the game data to for longer term access. There is also some data that splatnet 2 does not display. This program gives access to that data too.


Currently Windows (exe), OS X (dmg,, and Linux (AppImage) are supported. Get the packages here

Installing on Windows

Download installer .exe from You will get a warning when running the installer. Bypass the warning by clicking "more info" and then "Run Anyways."

Installing on Mac

Installing on Linux


If you're interested in contributing feel free to contact me or create a pull request. Check issues to see if there's anything you would be interested in working on. Help with translations is especially welcome. See here for information about development.

Built With

  • Electron
  • create-react-app
  • React
  • Bootstrap
  • Travis

Alternative Clients

  • splatnet2statink command line python uploader
  • ikaLog If you have a capture card, this program can provide a lot more information. What weapons you're killed by, other onscreen events, ect. I'm unsure how well it support Splatoon 2.
  • The button on the top right allows you to enter data manually.
  • ikaRec Manually enter data using this android app.