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  • While the last release added type hints, the fact that it's been misssing a py.typed file made Mypy ignore them.
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  • Pre-compiled wheels for most relevant platforms (yes, including ARM!)
  • Full type hints.
  • Adjusted defaults to RFC 9106 and support for pre-configured profiles.

Full Changelog


  • Python 3.5 is not supported anymore.

  • The CFFI bindings have been extracted into a separate project: argon2-cffi-bindings This makes argon2-cffi a Python-only project und should make it easier to contribute to and have more frequent releases with high-level features.

    This change is breaking for users who want to use a system-wide installation of Argon2 instead of our vendored code, because the argument to the --no-binary argument changed. Please refer to the installation guide.


  • Thanks to lots of work within argon2-cffi-bindings, there're pre-compiled wheels for many new platforms. Including:

    • Apple Silicon via universal2
    • Linux on amd64 and arm64
    • musl libc (Alpine Linux!) on i686, amd64, and arm64
    • PyPy 3.8

    We hope to provide wheels for Windows on arm64 soon, but are waiting for GitHub Actions to support that.

  • argon2.Parameters.from_parameters() together with the argon2.profiles module that offers easy access to the RFC-recommended configuration parameters and then some. #101 #110

  • The CLI interface now has a --profile option that takes any name from argon2.profiles.

  • Types! argon2-cffi is now fully typed. #112


  • argon2.PasswordHasher now uses the RFC 9106 low-memory profile by default. The old defaults are available as argon2.profiles.PRE_21_2.
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Vendoring Argon2 @ 62358ba (20190702)

Backward-incompatible changes:

Microsoft stopped providing the necessary SDKs to ship Python 2.7 wheels and currenly the downloads amount to 0.09%. Therefore we have decided that Python 2.7 is not supported anymore.




There are indeed no changes whatsoever to the code of argon2-cffi. The Argon2 project also hasn't tagged a new release since July 2019. There also don't seem to be any important pending fixes.

This release is mainly about improving the way binary wheels are built (abi3 on all platforms).