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Third party Extensions

Martín Gaitán edited this page Jun 16, 2022 · 10 revisions
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Please feel free to add your extension in alphabetical order:

  • django-structlog: Django and Celery structlog integration.
  • mflog: opinionated python (structured) logging library built on structlog.
  • multistructlog: structlog with multiple simultaneous logging backends.
  • pytest-structlog: make assertions about your log entries.
  • structlog-overtime: Utilities for structlog with the goal of enabling complex use cases without having to defer to standard library logging.
  • structlog-pretty: Processors for prettier output like code-highlighters and pretty-printers.
  • structlog-round: Simple, light-weight structlog processor to round floats for prettier printing.
  • structlog-sentry-logger: A multi-purpose, pre-configured, performance-optimized structlog logger with (optional) Sentry integration via structlog-sentry.
  • structlog-sentry: Sentry integration for structlog.

Everything that extends, wraps, or makes using structlog easier qualifies here!