A Twisted API wrapper for StatHat.com
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A Twisted API wrapper for StatHat’s EZ API.

The usage is as simple as:

from twisted.internet import reactor
from twisted.internet.defer import inlineCallbacks
from txstathat import txStatHat

def doSomeStats():
    sh = txStatHat('ezKeyOrEmail')
    yield sh.count('aCounter')  # Counts by 1 by default
    yield sh.count('anotherCounter', 42)
    yield sh.value('aValue', 0.42)

reactor.callLater(1, doSomeStats)

The ezKeyOrEmail is your e-mail address in the beginning, but can be changed in the account settings to something more safe. There is no such thing as a password.

By default, errors are swallowed silently so disruptions at StatHat don’t lead to disruption in your services by accident. To get network exceptions as well as API error messages, set ignore_errors=False when instantiating txStatHat. You should only do so if you have really good reasons.

Please note: At the moment, StatHat.com does not report an error when an incorrect EZ API key is submitted. Therefore the above example will work without any effect even if you don’t replace the API key.

StatHat.com seems to have generally a similar attitude towards errors as txStatHat. They return an OK except if you use the API incorrectly (don’t supply an API key for example). The difference is that if ignore_errors is left at the default True, network problems accessing the API are ignored as well.

Depending on the availability of pyOpenSSL, txStatHat uses HTTPS for API calls if possible. While there isn’t much real damage an attacker can do to you if (s)he hijacks your API key, I strongly suggest to install and use it.