Multiple Vehicle Pickup and Delivery Problem
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The codes in this repo were used to generate the results for our paper (add arxiv link of the paper)


  • MATLAB (R2017a)
  • CPLEX (12.7.1), GUROBI (7.5.1), MOSEK (8.0.0), BARON (17), XPRESS (18.1)
  • YALMIP (R20171121) (

Folder Description

./mvpdp_small : solve mvpdp with 4-7 customers to optimality
./iqp_vs_milp : benchmark comparison of iqp against milp on solving svpdp with 8-50 customers within 3.5% optimality gap
./svpdp_manhattan : solve svpdp for real-world roadmap ( and demands ( 

where refer to mvpdp as the multi-vehicle pickup and delivery problem, svpdp as the single-vehicle pickup and delivery problem, to iqp as the integer quadratic programming, to milp as the mixed integer linear programming

See run.m in each folder to learn more detail on its contents


  • Hyongju Park
  • Jinsun Liu


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details