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Assets 2

Halloween release! "Oops, I waited too long to release" edition!

Please forgive me if I missed anything or err, there's just so many changes.

Lily Lemmer


  • Python 3.5 support
  • Platform-specific pre-requisite instructions in README.md
  • Anchor maths, type-checking
  • Base class for all TMX-related exceptions
  • Windows test script
  • animatedsprite module: AnimatedSprite class replaces pyganim
  • New demo sprites, tilemap, settings
  • Add all() method to Action enum, which returns all available actions
  • Add cardinals_and_ordinals() static method to Direction
  • Add Scene.render()
  • Allow loading of resources from an unpacked directory.
  • Create new Direction method, disposition
  • tests
  • more comments!
  • better docstrings


  • README.md
  • Revamped CONTRIBUTING.md
  • Replace AnimatedSprite.current_frame() with a property of the same function; AnimatedSprite.current_frame is updated with the current frame every time AnimatedSprite.update() is called.
  • Update AUTHORS.md
  • tests
  • Change debug walkabout
  • Change game/demo's viewport dimensions
  • Change debug TMX scene
  • Rename LabeledSurfaceAnchors to FrameAnchors
  • FrameAnchors.init() now only takes a dictionary. To load with config see new method FrameAnchors.from_config(). Reflecting changes where required.
  • Rename AnimatedSpriteFrame to Frame
  • Changed dialogbox font size
  • Modify Walkabout to inherit pygame.sprite.Sprite. Add image attribute; set by the update method. Blit method split into and uses update method.


  • test.sh uses the $PAGER environmental variable instead of more
  • test.sh allows for different python versions
  • README.md repo install instructions
  • Anchor math
  • Docstrings
  • .gitignore PKG-INFO
  • Bug #80: python 3 unicode issues when reading files in resources.py. Resource files read as binary/rb
  • Fix/implement support for Walkabouts which use ONE sprite for ALL action/direction combinations (only)
  • Fix Walkabout update() method so Walkabout's image attribute is set to the active animation image, thereafter updating said active animation
  • tests
  • Resolved bug in Direction.from_velocity(): it previously only worked for generating ordinal products whereas there are nonzero values for both axis. This allows for NO direction as well as cardinal directions. Now when a velocity is (0, 0) the returned direction is None.


  • pyganim as dependency
  • Anchor.add_ints()
  • Remove "encoding" as an argument from AnimatedSprite.pil_image_to_pygame_surface()
  • Remove hat walkabout