uber eXtensible Micro-Hypervisor Framework
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uber eXtensible Micro-Hypervisor Framework (uberXMHF)


The uber eXtensible Micro-Hypervisor Framework (uberXMHF) is a formally verifiable micro-hypervisor framework which forms the foundation for a new class of (security-oriented) micro-hypervisor based applications ("uberapps") on commodity computing platforms.

uberXMHF currently runs on both x86 (Intel and AMD) and ARM (Raspberry PI) multi-core hardware virtualized platforms. The framework is capable of running unmodified legacy multiprocessor capable OSes such as Windows and Linux.

Visit: http://uberxmhf.org for more information on how to download, build, install, contribute and get involved.

The formatted documentation can be read online at: http://uberxmhf.org/docs/toc.html

Documentation sources are within docs/

uberSpark (http://uberspark.org) is used to build and verify security invariants of uberXMHF.

Contacts, Maintainers and Contributors

  • Amit Vasudevan [http://hypcode.org]

    • uberXMHF: pc-intel-x86-32 (Intel PC), rpi3-cortex_a53_armv8_32 (Raspberry PI 3), and pc-lagacy-x86-32 (AMD PC, Intel PC (legacy))
    • libbaremetal and Lockdown
  • Zongwei Zhou

    • TrustVisor and tee-sdk
  • Other contributors: Jonathan McCune, James Newsome, Ning Qu, and Yanlin Li


The uberXMHF project comprises code from multiple sources, under multiple open source licenses. See COPYING.md for details.