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Oct 4, 2018


Release Version 4.1 (clutch hitting is the key to an effective offense)
Apr 21, 2018


Release Version 4.0 (Brawn)
Jan 30, 2018


Version 3.1 (Flak)
Sep 19, 2017


Version 3.0 (Ratchet)
Dec 14, 2016


Version 2.0 (Blades)
Oct 13, 2016


Merge branch 'development/preprelease-1.0' into verification/release/…

* development/preprelease-1.0:
  docs: more minor aesthetic mods.
  docs: minor aesthetic refinements
  docs: update with release and changelog information
  build: remove git branch/commit/rev info and prepare for release 1.0
  docs: minor refinement within verifying and bulding section
  docs: fix code snippets for proper rendering
  docs: update section on verifying and building uXMHF
  docs: add intro blurb to software requirements section
  docs: add instructions to download and install Frama-C
  docs: add git to the list of packages to be installed
  docs: add instructions to download and build compcert
  docs: add info. about getting and building Menhir parser which is a prerequisite for compcert
  docs: update with ubuntu packages need to be installed
Oct 22, 2013
Version v0.2.2
Sep 6, 2013
Version 0.2.1
May 17, 2013


Version 0.2
Jan 16, 2013
Version 0.1.2
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