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PythonDrop - A Dropbox Clone written in Python


PythonDrop is a Dropbox clone written in Python.

It is based on RubyDrop. Thanks to Ryan LeFevre (RubyDrop) for his great idea to use Git for the synchronization backend.

Important: PythonDrop is currently under heavy development. Please, don't use it in productive envrionments!


In order to run PythonDrop you need the following prerequisites:

If you want to use the PythonDrop Gui you also need to install following components:

  • PyQt v4

Remote Server Configuration

Running PythonDrop

You can run PythonDrop with and without GUI.

Before the first startup you need to edit config.yml. The most important settings are:

  • pythondrop_folder: Your local folder which you would like to sync.

PythonDrop Gui

TCP API Commands