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Proton practical programming language
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Proton practical programming language

To run, you will need Python 3. All modules used should come with the standard Python distribution (operator, sys, builtins, math, ast, and traceback).

To run a Proton program, just run ./proton <filename> [args...]. If you are on Windows, you may need to change it to and run it with python <filename> [args...].

usage: proton [-c <cmd> | -r <recursion_limit> | -h] [file] [args...]
-c <cmd>: Run <cmd> as Proton code and do not enter the shell
-r <recursion_limit>: Set the recursion limit to <recursion_limit>
-h: Display this help message
If no file name or <cmd> is given, this will enter a Proton shell
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