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Wallpaper Finer - Fits your images the easiest way as desktop wallpaper!

Wallpaper finer is small easy to use utility which adjust (crop) your images perfectly to fit your desktop, and immediately set as wallpaper according to your instructions. What does it mean? Usually our digital photos have different aspect ratio than our desktop. This utility detects the desktop resolution, and propose a perfect image crop to keep your image's aspect ratio. (It means that your dog won't looks like fatter than in real life) You can modify the cropped area by single mouse move. After you found your best crop, you can set the cropped part as your desktop wallpaper by a single click. The program will save scaled down image crop and set it as desktop wallpaper. (Of course your original image will be untouched!)

Original webpage

The wallpaper finer is a really old program. The first releases are written in 2012. The original webpage is


Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2


The program uses the Qt library. After installing the Qt development parts you can compile the app.

$ qmake
$ make
$ make install


The CodKep is written by Peter Deak (C) , License GPLv2