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nihpp: a C++11 general purpose utility library

This library is currently mainly a dumping ground of ideas that float by in my head that I think may be useful in any future C++ projects I take up.


  • C++11 compiler (g++ or something that accepts -std=c++0x)
  • C++11 headers


Currently, classes available include:

  • nih::PtrCreator
  • nih::SharedPtrCreator
  • nih::Glib::RefPtrCreator
  • nih::Singleton
  • sigc::functor_trait

PtrCreator is a templated class that is meant to be derived from, which adds static create() functions to construct smart pointer classes. See tests/ for an example of how to use it.

SharedptrCreator and Glib::RefPtrCreator are shortcuts for PtrCreator<T, shared_ptr> and PtrCreator<T, Glib::RefPtr> respectively. They would ideally be templated typedefs, but g++ does not seem to support them properly just yet.

Singleton is a class that can be derived from to provide a static ::instance() function for easy implementation of singleton classes. It only supports the default constructor, as there is no way to pass arguments into the static singleton instance.

sigc::functor_trait is a template specialization of sigc::functor_trait as found in libsigc++ that was implemented to allow lambdas, and other function objects (including std::function) with return values to work without any code changes apart from just #include-ing the header. The initial idea was ripped out from the SIGC_FUNCTOR_TRAIT macro.