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##CAAT: Canvas Advanced Animation Tookit##

CAAT is a director-based Scene graph manager.

It is able to render using Canvas, WebGL and CSS without making changes to the applications that sit on top of it.

Follow the official twitter account @caatjs

Github Pages

Visit CAAT's github pages, including:


Tutorials can be found here.

Examples and sample code

Skeletal animation Sprite Animations Multiline text Bitmap Atlas Path management Procedural fishpond Sprites traversing a random path Pixel perfect collistion detection with mouse Sprites traversing a random path accelerometer input Actor anchors Hierarchical rotations Hierarchy 2 Some actor behaviors Procedural grass Circles collision Box2D integration Scene transitions Scene timers SpriteImage demo Masking Video playback and manipullation Keyboard demo Quadtree based collision Flightcontrol like demo TileMap engine preview Multitouch Action To Path Creation Flip Cards Path Sprite Fonts Minimal Paint Auto Layout Fonts SVG Path CSS3 Keyframes

##License## Open Source and MIT Licensed.

Hyperandroid || - All rights reserved.


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