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Messages are sent between peers. Each message (except Open) consists of:

  • varint length of the binary header and protobuf encoding to follow
  • binary header (protobuf varint encoding of message id)
  • protobuf encoding of the message

For Open:

  • fixed 4-byte header: d572c875 (magic value)
  • varint length of the protobuf encoding
  • protobuf encoding of Open

Unknown messages MUST be ignored.


The only unencrypted message

message Open {
  required bytes feed = 1;
  required bytes nonce = 2;
  • feed - discovery key of HyperCore Ledger
  • nonce - random 24-byte nonce

MUST be sent at the connection start by both sides.

0 Handshake

Similar to HyperCore

message Handshake {
  required bytes id = 1;
  repeated string extensions = 2;
  required bytes signature = 3;
  repeated bytes chain = 4;
  • id - peer id, MUST be 32 bytes long
  • extensions - unspecified, reserved for the future
  • signature - MUST be a signature of the Hash (see below) of concatenated remote and local nonce from Open. The signature MUST be made with the private key corresponding to the public key in the last Trust Link in the chain (see Signature Chain), or the feed's private key if the chain is empty
  • chain - signature chain with the root verifiable by HyperCore Ledger's public key. See Signature Chain below

MUST be sent after Open and is used to verify trust relationship between peers.

NOTE: the hashed input for the signature is different between peers. Each peer signs nonce that it sent plus nonce that it received. Each peer verifies nonce that it received plus nonce that it sent.

1 Sync

message Sync {
  message Range {
    required bytes start = 1;
    optional bytes end = 2;

  required bytes filter = 1;
  required uint32 size = 2;
  required uint32 n = 3;
  required uint32 seed = 4;
  optional uint32 limit = 5;
  optional Range range = 6;
  • filter - byte array with the contents of Bloom Filter
  • size - Bloom Filter's bit size
  • n - Number of hash functions in Bloom Filter
  • seed - seed value for the Bloom Filter's hash function
  • range - range of values to which Bloom Filter applies

The Bloom Filter in the message contains all key + value pairs currently known to the peer. Upon receipt the peer MUST validate the parameters (filter.length * 8 >= size >= (filter.length - 1) * 8). The peer MAY discard the message and MAY close the connection if the Filter size exceeds its capabilities.

After successful validation peer MAY send Data messages.

If limit is present - the number of sent values for this query SHOULD not exceed limit. limit MUST be not zero if present.

If range is present - only the values between start and end MUST be considered (see Request below for description of the range).

2 FilterOptions

message FilterOptions {
  required uint32 size = 1;
  required uint32 n = 1;

MAY be sent at any time by peer to notify other side about recommended Bloom Filter size and options. Sending peer SHOULD accept filters with size less or equal to specified size. Upon receiving Query message with unsupported filter size, peer SHOULD send FilterOptions with recommended values.

3 Data

message Data {
  repeated bytes values = 1;
  required bytes signature = 1;
  • values - list of byte arrays, MUST not be empty. values MUST not contain duplicates. Each element of the list MUST not be empty
  • signature - a signature of serialized values (described below) made with remote peer's public key.

Serialization format for signature:

[ 32-byte feed public key ]
[ 64-bit Big Endian number of values ]
[ value 0 ]
[ ...     ]
[ last value ]

Upon receipt of this message peer MUST validate signature and SHOULD accept values only if the signature is valid.

4 Request

message Request {
  required bytes start = 1;
  optional bytes end = 2;
  optional uint32 limit = 3;

MAY be sent by peer to selectively request values in specified range. Resulting Data message if present SHOULD contain values which are lexicographically (byte by byte) greater or equal than start and lexicographically less than end. If end is not present - the range applies to all values greater or equal than start.

If limit is present - the number of sent values for this query SHOULD not exceed limit. limit MUST be not zero if present.

NOTE: sort example (in hex encoding) a0 is less than a1, but a000 and a001 are both greater than a0. a100 is still greater than a0.

5 Link

message Link {
  required bytes link = 1;

MAY be sent by peer if its Signature Chain length (chain.length) is shorter than remote chain.length - 1. link MUST be a binary encoded Trust Link as described below. Expiration date of the resulting link MUST be equal to the minimal of all in remote Signature Chain.

Upon receipt of this message peer SHOULD verify the link, construct shorter chain using this link and use it in subsequent communication with other peers.

NOTE: This is optional for implementations. If disabled - system will be less viral, but spam control will be easier.

Signature Chain

HyperBloom allows write only from the Trust Network of the HyperCore ledger's author. The permissions are given by signing the Hash (see below) of the following structure with the private key of someone who is already in the Trust Network:

  • version - 1-byte version, 1 for now
  • public key - 32-byte trustee's public key
  • expiration time - 8-byte IEEE 754 double floating point value in Big Endian encoding (buf.writeDoubleBE() in node.js). Time is specified in seconds since 1970-01-01T00:00:00.000Z
  • nonce - 32-byte nonce

Together signature and this structure make a Trust Link:

  • version
  • public key
  • nonce
  • expiration time
  • signature

A token (which is used in Handshake) consists of 5 Token Links or less. First Trust Link MUST be signed with the HyperCore Ledger's private key. Each subsequent Trust Links MUST be signed by the private key corresponding to the public key in the previous Trust Link.

Verifier MUST not accept Trust Links with expiration time that it less than verifier's current time.

Given that everyone subscribed to the HyperCore Ledger know author's public key, such Signature Chain can be easily validated by all peers. Trust Links are stored in auxiliary structure not covered by this document.

public keys SHOULD correspond to the HyperCore ledgers. This way trust network may be used to discover new feeds.

NOTE: HyperBloom's owner sends no trust links. The ownership is proven by the signature in Handshake message.

NOTE: Links are to be distributed through some other protocol or even by handing them in-person.


Something about:

sodium.crypto_generichash(out, input, Buffer.from('---hyperbloom---'));

Bloom Filter

Bloom Filter is used to efficiently find deltas between two peers. Each Bloom Filter MUST use Murmur3_32 as a hash function's algorithm. The detailed hash algorithm is below:

function hash(val /* byte array */,
              seed /* uint32 random */,
              i /* index of hash function, 0 <= i < N */) {
  return murmur(val, sum32(mul32(i, 0xfa68676f), seed));

Data added to the Bloom Filter is just the values that are stored in HyperBloom.

NOTE: 0xfa68676f is a prime number and first 4 bytes of SHA-256 digest of following ASCII input: "hyperbloom/random_string/f53d6d58".