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Quick Start


  • Git
  • Java JDK 8+

Extra build requirements for Linux packages:

  • makeself

Extra build requirements for Windows packages:

On Debian/Ubuntu, you may install all requirements except launch4j with:

$ sudo apt-get install git default-jdk-headless makeself nsis

If you have not installed Launch4j, you must download the software and install it in the /opt directory.

$ wget -O ~/launch4j-linux-x64.tgz
$ sudo tar xf ~/launch4j-linux-x64.tgz -C /opt

To build Hyperbox binaries with client, server and all supported VirtualBox modules:

git clone
cd hyperbox
./gradlew build

You will then find the Client and Server binaries for Linux/Windows ready to be run as-is in the ./build/{client|server}/bin directory.

To start the server in foreground interactive mode, log to console (replace <OS>):

cd build/server/bin/<OS>

To start the GUI client:

cd build/client/bin/<OS>


You will find distribution packages in the Releases section

To build from source:

# For Linux
./gradlew distLinux

# For Windows
./gradlew distWin

# For all platforms
./gradlew distAll

You can then follow the regular instructions in the user manual.