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Release notes

This is maintenance and improvement release towards 0.1.0 which aims to support all features of VirtualBox present in GUI.
This release is not compatible with previous versions and upgrade of both client and server is required.

VirtualBox 5.0.x connector is now included! Upgrade your installation to the brand new VirtualBox version and keep using Hyperbox!

If you were previously connected to VirtualBox 4.x using the XPCOM connector, you will need to reset the configuration data of the Hyperbox Server (delete the data folder) due to a bug in the VirtualBox XPCOM binding.
This will ensure Hyperbox does not connect automatically when starting up.



  • Client - Modules are now handled in a very basic way: any subdir in the modules dir will be considered as a module and all .jar, .class or .zip within it will be parsed.
  • Server/Hypervisor/VirtualBox/5.0 - Connector with WS and XPCOM modules


  • Client - Start script automatically detect installation dir and can be started from any working directory
  • Client/Core - Made several error messages clearer
  • Client/Core - More errors in network protocol during client/server connection are now properly reported to the user
  • Client/GUI - Hypervisor connectors are now listed in ascending alphabetic order
  • Server - Start script automatically detect installation dir and can be started from any working directory


  • General - Changed distribution filename pattern
  • Client/GUI - Right-click menu simplified
  • Client/GUI - Renamed "About" menu entry
  • Server/Hypervisor/VirtualBox - Updated all bindings to latest versions


  • Modules cannot be enabled/disabled or unloaded/unregistered anymore. Feature will be added later when the code is more mature

Bug fixes

  • General - Version headers should now always be reported in the log files
  • Client - Properly exit in case the GUI fails to start properly in some circumstances
  • Client/GUI - Mouse scrolling is no longer one line at the time but react natively
  • Server/Hypervisor/VirtualBox/All/XPCOM - Workaround ressources not being released (e.g. TCP ports) - Detailed info
  • Server/Hyperbox/VirtualBox/All/XPCOM - Fixed OutOfMemory exception - VirtualBox Ticket #13647
  • Various other small bug fixes