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Release notes

This is maintenance and improvement release following on 0.0.11 issues.
This release is not compatible with previous versions and upgrade of both client and server is required.

Notice: Windows build require a 64 bits JRE/JDK for the service to work. This requirement has been made clear in several locations. Fixes #4



  • Client/GUI - Has been made more reactive by (properly) handling all long tasks in background
  • Client/GUI - In many place, a loading icon is replacing the default button to give feedback to the end-user about the task in progress
  • Client/GUI - Made some dialog close on exit key (Machine & Snapshot edit)
  • Client/GUI - Errors should all be reported to the user for feedback
  • Server - Make the requirement for a 64 bits JRE/JDK on Windows more clear, both in the documentation and in the installer
  • Added Table of Content for "Install and First Launch" section in User Manual to point to different OS


  • All - Linux is now the only support OS for building, including binaries and installers for Windows, documentation to be added.

Bug fixes

  • All - Fixed network library where connections could hang for a (long) time. This affected client to server connection time and server start/stop time up to several minutes (0.0.11 regression)
  • All/Installer - Correctly handle paths creation & default umask (Linux only)
  • Client/GUI - Snapshot edit dialog changes are now properly saved
  • Server - Fixed Windows Service (0.0.11 regression) - Fix for #4
  • Server/Installer - Start menu entries are now properly placed for all users (Windows only)
  • Various other small bug fixes