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Release notes

This is maintenance and improvement release towards 0.1.0 which aims to support all features of VirtualBox present in GUI.
This release is not compatible with previous versions and upgrade of both client and server is required.

Binaries downloads are available at the end of this page.



  • General - Host networks managed by the Hypervisor can now be added, removed and configured
  • General - VirtualBox NAT Network configuration, including NAT rules (Issue #49)
  • General - VirtualBox Host-Only configuration (Issue #7)
  • Server - Added admin password reset command line option (Issue #55)
  • Server/Hypervisor/VirtualBox/4.3 - Added Unrestricted Execution setting handling


  • Stores cannot be opened/closed any more


  • Install - Improved installers, remove all binaries and libraries on updates to avoid conflicts
  • Client/Core - Added default discovery for rdesktop on Linux, and only add existing viewers
  • Client/Core - Made several error messages clearer
  • Client/Core - Improved version checking in client updater checks
  • Client/Core - Errors in network protocol during client/server connection are now properly reported to the user
  • Client/GUI - Improved general responsiveness
  • Client/GUI - Display properly in X11 sessions or any other false headless sessions (Community Forums)
  • Client/GUI - Storage Controllers and attachments are now sorted by their display names in the VM Summary tab, instead of by internal (and possibly random) order
  • Client/GUI - Split between Servers/VMs tree and details is now resized properly when switching, and persist across restart of the client
  • Client/GUI - Console port can now be a range in Machine Edit Settings dialog
  • Server/Hypervisor/VirtualBox - Multi concurrent lockings is now supported on all connectors


  • General - Build system is now using Git
  • General - Changed distribution filename pattern
  • API - Versions will now use Semantic Versioning
  • Client/GUI - Consolidated Console and Display into a single Output section in VM Edit settings dialog

Bug fixes

  • Logger - now display correct value for month in timestamps
  • Client/Core - Fixed Issue #46, Issue #50, Issue #53 and Issue #57
  • Client/Core - Properly start and handle viewer processes, so they do not lock on stdout & stderr buffer (Community Forums)
  • Client/GUI - Attachment names are now properly loaded when displaying NIC options of a VM
  • Client/GUI - Possible fix for attach name not properly saved in VM Edit dialog for VNICs (Community Forums)
  • Client/GUI/Stores - Use filename input field as selected filename if non empty and nothing was selected in the browse panel
  • Server/Hypervisor/VirtualBox/4.3 - Fixed Issue #57
  • Server/Security - Correctly handle username changes and handle password modification (Community Forums)