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  1. TC-ResNet TC-ResNet Public

    Code for Temporal Convolution for Real-time Keyword Spotting on Mobile Devices

    Python 202 51

  2. MMNet MMNet Public

    Code for Towards Real-Time Automatic Portrait Matting on Mobile Devices

    Python 175 36

  3. HypeUI HypeUI Public

    🌺 HypeUI is a implementation of Apple's SwiftUI DSL style based on UIKit

    Swift 116 11

  4. LADE LADE Public

    This repository contains code for the paper "Disentangling Label Distribution for Long-tailed Visual Recognition", published at CVPR' 2021

    Python 89 11

  5. MarioNETte MarioNETte Public

    MarioNETte: Few-shot Face Reenactment Preserving Identity of Unseen Targets

    38 3

  6. pseudo-dialog-prompting pseudo-dialog-prompting Public

    This repository contains code for the paper "Meet Your Favorite Character: Open-domain Chatbot Mimicking Fictional Characters with only a Few Utterances", published at NAACL' 2022

    Python 11


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