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Hyperdiv is a framework for rapidly developing reactive browser UI apps in Python, with built-in components, terse immediate-mode syntax, and minimal tool boilerplate.

Hyperdiv includes the Shoelace component system, markdown support via Mistune, charts via Chart.js, support for reading/writing browser local storage, and forms whose validation logic is implemented in Python.

Click this image to watch the coding demo video:


Intro Article

Check out the website and read the intro article.

Demo Apps

There is a separate repo with a few demo apps built with Hyperdiv.


Install Hyperdiv from PyPI:

pip install hyperdiv

Hyperdiv requires Python 3.9+ and has been tested on macOS and Linux.


After installing Hyperdiv, open the documentation app locally with the following command:

hyperdiv docs

The documentation app is built with Hyperdiv.


  • Third-party plugins
  • Distributed state
  • Diffing changes to text inputs
  • Visual component builder
  • Performance improvements


If you're interested in deploying Hyperdiv, want to share ideas, or have questions, say hello.