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@limingxinleo limingxinleo released this Sep 11, 2019 · 316 commits to master since this release


  • #534 Fixed Guzzle HTTP Client does not handle the response status is equal to -3;
  • #541 Fixed bug grpc client cannot be set correctly.
  • #542 Fixed Hyperf\Grpc\Parser::parseResponse returns a non-standard error code for grpc.
  • #551 Fixed infinite loop in grpc client when the server closed the connection.
  • #558 Fixed UDP Server does not works.


  • #545 Deleted useless static methods restoring and restored of trait SoftDeletes.


  • #549 Optimized read and write of Hyperf\Amqp\Connection\SwooleIO.
  • #559 Optimized redirect of Hyperf\HttpServer\Response.
  • #560 Optimized class Hyperf\WebSocketServer\CoreMiddleware.


  • #558 Marked Hyperf\Server\ServerInterface::SERVER_TCP as deprecated, will be removed in v1.1.
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